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      The Towel Skeptic

      Many ask me why Maison Ismenia sells towels or why they should buy our towel sets?  These questions keep baffling me, because I don’t understand why many consumers underestimate a good and healthy skin care routine. Its start with knowing your skin and using the right products.

      Our Maison Ismenia Towel sets

      Our Maison Ismenia Towel sets are not only beautiful. colorful and soft. They are also quick drying, highly absorbent, and durable. They’re made with organic cotton which with time it becomes softer, no color additives and they’re especially made for those with delicate skin in mind. Last but not least, we love our environment, so our products are sustainable and of course made with love.

      Invest in a practical towel set?

      So why invest in a towel set? Not only because of its beauty, but also for its functionality and a guaranteed durability for 15 years with proper care. It’s designed for the use on most delicate skin, and those with skin problems.  The whole family will benefit from using our Towels. So don’t be afraid if you happen to have a careless, carefree teen at home who is not aware of the benefits of this towel. Their skin will surely thank them and you later for paying attention to the largest organ system of the body! A good skincare routine is of utmost importance. Regular towels are harsh and abrasive to your skin, which can cause skin irritations. Most towels on the market are not antimicrobial and therefore can increase the chance of developing or prolonging acne, pimples and other skin problems. Also, kids love it so much they sleep with them to replace their security blankie. Our towels are organic Aegean cotton, which means that the towels prevent the growth of the following: bacteria, virus, fungi, mold, infections, unpleasant smells, staining and it also extends the life of the product.

      Daily skin routine

      After summarizing the practical points, let’s take a minute to reflect on the most important aspect that this towel will bring into your daily routine: A moment of well-being just taking care of yourself and your skin. The colors are a delight to look at, softness to your skin and if you take it a step further, tune into our Maison Ismenia Spotify playlist, so your mind will be put at ease with our soothing music collection.

      I hope that after reading this blog, you are convinced to start a healthy skin care routine and become a towel optimist.