If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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       125,00 incl. 21% BTW

       150,00 incl. 21% BTW
      As a practical woman, I like functionality. And this towel delivers one hundred percent on that. When I think about a towel, I think of how it needs to dry my skin properly and provide that ultimate softness to my skin. I want my towel to be dry when I use it again and not continue to feel moist from my previous use. The moment my fingers touched the cotton, it gave me that luxurious feeling. The smile my daughters caught on my face immediately made them curious about the supposed feel. They too enjoyed the smoothness, claiming each their towel immediately! Now let me tell you about the quality. There is nothing better and I have tried a lot of towels in my days. I can only imagine getting rid of what I have now and replacing my towels with this product. The towel is thick but predominately soft. It keeps you warm and cozy. Almost as a blanket wrapped around you.

      Barbara Joseph

      My sweet son, 12 years old and a true soccer player who plays several times a week! Unfortunately, he suffers from eczema and the doctors advised him not to shower that often. Especially after a shower, he is only allowed to careful dep his skin to avoid further irritation. Since he is been using the Maison Ismenia towel he doesn’t need to be careful while drying his skin. The towels are soft and thick. He expressed that it feels very soothing! These towels also give my bathroom a luxury upgrade. They are that beautiful!

      Caroline van der Spek

      Made with love

      The heart and soul of Maison Ismenia is Ismenia, our founder. A woman full of positive energy and care for the people around her. She is someone who lights up any room she enters. She has a natural gift to give anyone she meets something that they take with them. An encouraging word, a smile, a hug. Little moments of appreciation and love that we all need in our lives. It was our intention to grant this experience to all of you out there. Therefore, Maison Ismenia was founded. A place of love, of empowerment and care for oneself and for the people and nature around us.