If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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      about us

      The heart and soul of Maison Ismenia is Ismenia, our founder. A woman full of positive energy and care for the people around her. She is someone who lights up any room she enters. She has a natural gift to give anyone she meets something that they take with them. An encouraging word, a smile, a hug. Little moments of appreciation and love that we all need in our lives. It was our intention to grant this experience to all of you out there. Therefore, Maison Ismenia was founded. A place of love, of empowerment and care for oneself and for the people and nature around us.

      A team. A community. A family.

      Maison Ismenia is all about celebrating the individual and creating a community at the same time. To care for our customers, everyone in our supply chain, as well as our team is what makes us strong. We therefore appreciate people from all different backgrounds, each with their own individual talents and strengths. Our team proudly consists of a painter who brings an organic entrepreneurship to our company, who challenges us to stay on our toes and to review our every step. A fashion designer who brings a creative outlook to the product creation, to our use of
      colors and to the use of words. A perfectionist, who reviews and determines
      every detail within the process from start to end to make sure the end product is infused with
      creativity. A ray of sunshine who inspires us to do better, to view every issue from
      a positive perspective.

      How can we bring the best to our work, our team and our lives? By cherishing and caring for ourselves first and foremost. Only like this, we can be our best selves for our community.

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